All-Earth Ecobot Challenge Is This Weekend!

EcoBot_for_soc_media_1On Saturday, April 30th, Tech3 will be proudly demonstrating at the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge at the Humble Civic Center in Houston!

What is the Ecobot Challenge?

The Ecobot Challenge is an innovative engineering competition that engages fifth through eighth grade students in complex problem-solving, while developing critical thinking skills and elevating their confidence in formulating solutions to real-world missions. It’s a program put on by the Education Foundation of Harris County. More than 1,000 students are registered for the event!

Using autonomous robotics and computer technology, Ecobot teams will solve challenges in energy exploration, transportation, technological innovation, medical research and environmental sustainability. It’s designed to sharpen participants’ knowledge of mathematics and physics, as well as learn valuable life lessons in teamwork, time management, presentation planning and marketing.  Interaction with professionals from a variety of related fields will also help participants to connect school to career and envision a future that employs their unique talents.

What will Tech3 be doing there?

A board member of the Education Foundation of Harris County, initially reached out to our CTO (and technology visionary) Bob Hodge about participating in the event and possibly providing a demo on drones. Bob proposed a group of exhibits showing drones, 3D printing, and Virtual Reality. It is the first of its kind to be featured at the event!

Here’s a sneak peak at what we are going to showing at our EcoGenius Lab Exhibit:

  • A panoramic, interactive tour using drones, handheld cameras, and panoramic cameras!
  • A software application to generate 3D Surface Models from photographs!
  • A workstation that combines touch screens, cameras, and projector to create an immersive environment suited to working with 3D imagery!
  • A 3D printer and Virtual Reality headsets!

If you would like to volunteer for the event, there is still time to register – visit the All-Earth Ecobot Challenge Facebook page to get the latest updates. Be sure to stop by and see us at our booth! You can also find Tech3 employees volunteering throughout the venue – look for us in the Tech3 hats!

3d Printer and printed "Marvins"
3d Printer and printed “Marvins”
Sprout workstation
Sprout workstation
Osmo panoramic camera
Osmo camera

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