Driving Towards the Future


Self-driving cars, thought to be things of the future, are now more real than ever. Companies like Infiniti, Mercedes, BMW, and most famously Tesla are sporting new cars that have features to help automate your driving experience. While it will be years until we have a perfect system in place to allow seamless and 100% autonomous vehicles (like the car pods from Minority Report), we are inching closer to that reality. The technology in today’s self-driving cars is astounding – detecting changes in traffic flow and identifying slow or dangerous drivers are just a few of the the features that can be found. Today we will be comparing the industry’s top automated cars. 

The first of the four cars on the list is the Infiniti Q50S. The Q50S is a great example of computing power in cars with its ability to detect up to three cars in front of you to see if a driver is impeding traffic, driving slowly, or driving recklessly. It also includes intelligent cruise control, emergency braking, and active lane assist. All of these features, while not making the car self-driving, will help assist your driving.  

The next car that features new automation tools is the BMW 750i xDrive. This car is a perfect example of simplified driving. The 750i offers hands free steering for roads and highway that works in both the rain and night. It’s capable of detecting road and traffic signs to tell you what speed you should be driving as well as any upcoming turns or traffic congestion. This car will make for a much safer drive the next time you hit the streets.  

Next up, the Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG. Mercedes is most notably known for their lines of luxury cars. These cars will be getting even more luxurious with the new driving assistance tools. The S-class now features even more cameras that have been upgraded to read street signs, detect other drivers, and other vehicles around you. You can also find steering assistance, adaptive braking, and active lane assist in these new models. All of these features function at night and in the rain making this car an incredible addition to 2016’s line of automatic cars.  

Finally, we have the king of self driving cars – the Tesla Model S. The Tesla has all the features of the other cars, such as auto lane change/assist, traffic aware cameras, and auto braking, but takes innovation to the next level with the ability to drive 100% automatically. Autopilot, auto park and a highly aware traffic awareness program enable the Model S to drive all on its own. It performs extremely well driving on rural roads, the highway, and during the rain or at night. Right now the Tesla leads the pack of self driving cars, none of the other new cars come close to matching the intelligence or automation.

Most-Expensive-Tesla-CarsAverage prices for these vehicles range from Infiniti’s model at around $45,000 to Mercedes-Benz topping out at over $230,000.

  • Infinity Q50S: $44,555
  • BMW 750i xDrive: $98,395
  • Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG: $233,525
  • Tesla Model-S: $106,200

Soon a car ride will be a time of leisure where the car will do the thinking on the road for you. While it will be maybe a few more years until these technologies are ubiquitous, self driving cars are on the horizon and we can’t wait.    

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