Tech Convergence, Business, and the Future: What’s in Store

We hope you had a wonderful holiday filled with warm memories and hot chocolate!

As we prepare to embark in the New Year of 2016, it’s a good time for reflection and contemplation of the future. For us at Tech3, we are thinking about technology and how it will change or evolve as we move further into the digital and mobile age. What does it means for businesses? How will businesses adapt?

Our CTO, Bob Hodge has some interesting thoughts on the matter:

InformaDec 28tion Technology moves and changes very quickly. The industry frequently talks about convergence, such as the convergence of the Personal Computer and the Telephone. Today, the changes center on the convergence of entire technology spaces, not just individual technologies, devices, or applications. We are seeing the convergence of consumer and commercial technologies, the convergence of every type of device onto a common global network, and the convergence of data analytics with functional design for products and services. This convergence is empowering people to have secure access to their interpreted data from anywhere and on any device.

Businesses want location independence for their operations and have historically embraced technologies such as server based computing, application presentation, and client ubiquity. Businesses understand the value of hosted resources in professional data centers. Consumers on the other hand, want computing everywhere and have historically embraced connected technologies on their non-traditional business devices such as mobile phones, tablets, music players, game consoles, and other assorted “personal electronics”. Consumers also led the charge for social media with services such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Today, we see business professionals wanting access to their business resources on their “personal electronics” (hence “Bring Your Own Device”) and we see consumers wanting to use business tools for their everyday activities (Google Apps). We see businesses using social media for their web presence and improved communication and connection with consumers.

Embedded computer and network technologies are being designed into almost every product category, from vacuum cleaners to automobiles. All of these items gain intelligence through self-monitoring and analysis of the collected data. The interpreted data is then transmitted across the global network to a wide variety of devices for presentation to the end user. This interpreted data allows the end-user and the end-device to more effectively manage and customize the end-user’s experience.

As consumers and businesses demand a smarter environment around them, product and service designers are building data analytics into every product and service. This improves the experience, improves the quality of decisions, shortens the time to decision and action, and increases consistency in the resulting processes, services, and products. These demands will be met through environmental changes that leverage intelligence from sophisticated data analytics, thus producing the New Normal.
In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be investigating the technological factors that impact business as we know it. Join us next week as we examine the environmental changes in informational technology!