The Smart Office: What do workers want? (Part 1)

The evolution of the Smart Office is beginning. As Millennials begin to enter the workforce a new style of office is on the rise. A new Intel study has turned heads with the conclusion that classic benefits like free coffee and food are not what workers want anymore. For example, employees want faster laptops, not ping pong tables. Intel announced that many employees were “very unsatisfied” with the current level of technology in their workplace with some even stating they would be willing to change jobs over it. Over the next several weeks, we will discuss how this new trend called “the smart office” will change day to day work life, what exactly some of these changes will be, and finally benefits and drawbacks that workers and companies should prepare for.

You’ve most certainly seen this trend in your own life. Across the world workers of all ages now use their phones, work, and send notifications, all while they stand in line. This new level of communication is called “coffee shop interactions”. People have already become accustomed to working from their phone and integrating technology into their work life.

“Advanced technology and collaboration has significantly grown in importance, especially as millennials are entering the workforce,” said Julie McGee, vice president of global marketing at Intel. “As the research outlines, we’re seeing this generation play a vital role in the direction of employer decisions, and is leading the way to influence the adoption of emerging tech, strong communication tools and flexible work environments. A technologically modern workplace is necessary to create a productive, happy and capable workplace for everyone.”

The Smart Office is on the rise in this exciting time to be a job hunter. Companies will have more and more expected of them as time goes on, what exactly are they going to have to change?

Join us again next week to see what exactly this new smart office will look like!