The scoop on Virtual Reality and how it can help your business

Virtual Reality (or more commonly called VR) has finally entered the public sphere, and become a massive topic of conversation in the world of technology. Virtual Reality essentially means “near reality”, the goal of VR is to emulate your real life senses as much as possible to make you immersed in a new world. We know that we only experience reality through our senses so it then stands to reason that if we emulated these senses in a fictional environment our perception of reality would change to reflect this. The uses of VR will be immense ranging anywhere from pure entertainment to new cost efficient ways of doing business.

The release of the HTC Vive was massive, originally made as a competitor to the earlier Oculus Rift, it has surpassed the original and become a best seller. It was named “best new technology” at the European Hardware Awards. Using a headset and two controls, these virtual reality machines allow you to experience a number of different worlds in VR, including cooking or working simulations and even living in an apocalyptic scenario. Amazon is working now to include Virtual Reality content as a part of their streaming platform. As of right now, these simulations are mostly used for games, but companies such as Apple and Imax are already hard at work to find new ways to innovate and use this new technology.

Virtual Reality doesn’t stop at entertainment however, it will have far reaching influences on everything from architecture to medicine. Imagine building a new facility for your business and being able to model the building and explore it in real life before a single brick has been laid. A medical student could do surgeries using VR without having to use cadavers or unrealistic models. You could explore new ways to arrange or decorate your office or place of business without having to lift a finger. The possibilities are endless and it will be exciting to watch as private companies begin to realize the true potential of VR.

VR has an untold number of practical uses and even more impractical ones, it won’t be long until VR is something we don’t go a day without seeing. It will be in our schools, in our offices, and in our homes. The future of VR is very bright and 2016 will be remembered as the start of when VR was finally accepted into the main stream.

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